Our Team

Abby Wenger

Photographer / Graphic Designer

Adrienne Krohn

Graphic Designer

Ben Bolen

Software Developer &
Co-Confounderator at The Confoundry

Ben Hershberger

Sign Department Supervisor

Briana Byler

Customer Service Representative

Candice Parker

Marketing Specialist

Cary Peters


Dan Byler

Owner / CEO

Esther Wenger

Publishing / Customer Service Representative

Janay Parker

Graphic Desgner

Jason Lowe

Design Department Supervisor

Jerry Hostetler

Financial Stuff

Justin Geigley

Digital Media Manager

Kelly O’Connor

Customer Service Representative

Kevin Miller

Publishing Customer Service Representative

Kyle Ulrich

Wide Format Operator

Landon Mast

Print Production

Larry Owens

Printing Press Operator

Leslie Cook

CSR Supervisor

Liz Stump

Marketing Manager

Madison Weir

Web Designer

Melody Foster

Graphic Designer

Micah Ross

Sign Production Specialist

Michele Newcomer

Customer Service Representative

Mike Johnson

Sign Production Specialist

Rachel Schmucker

Sign Dept. Customer Service Representative

Robert Stump

Print Manager

Rod Lantz


Roger Wenger

Publishing Specialist

Sam Miller

Execustive Assistant to Dan Byler

Sharon Herschberger

Office Manager

Shawn Flowers

Layout Designer

Steve Kooistra

Print Production Specialist

Tamar Wilkins

Creative Manager

Tom Troyer

Mailing / IT


Logistics / Critter Exterminator

Timely Action

We value your business. Not just the income, but we actually value YOUR business. We understand the need for swift, attentive service, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Innovative Ideas

When you’re driving your own business, sometimes you don’t have the time to be creative. That’s where we come in. We specialize in generating innovation.

Advanced Technology

From the latest printing presses to 3D printers, we have it all. Let us help you navigate the waters of modern technology.

Clear Communication

We speak in words you understand. Not only that, but we make sure all details of a project are outlined in writing, so you know exactly what to expect
(and when to expect it).

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