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How do you stand out from your competition? Let LaGwana take care of that. Our photographers are passionate about creating the perfect shot.

Whether you need just a single shot or an all-out session, we would love to serve you.


360° Photography

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Photography Options

In-House Photography

You bring in the products you need to have photographed. 

  • Products
  • Room Settings
  • Website Photos
  • Anything 
Random Large Seasonings

On Location Photography

This option is available when a salesman comes out to talk to you.
There are no lights or backdrop set-up involved with this option.

A photographer will come out to your place of business, or will travel to where you have jobs installed.

Horse Photograph

Digital Photo Editing

We can edit any photo, to touch up any flaws or create illusions. 

  • Products
  • Room Settings
  • Website Photos
  • Anything 
Alexander Room Setting


Room Setting Project – This photography project was for a customer’s catalog. Our photographer went to their location and took multiple photographs of their furniture products. The designer then created a room with elements to fit their furniture for a final room setting photo to use in their catalog. Our designers also created their catalog from front to back working with the customer and our production department printed the final catalog for them.

Move slider handle in the center of the image to see before and after.

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