We can help you get the word out.

It’s often said that LaGwana was built by the publications we produce. The success of The People’s Exchange, The Hometown Treasure, The Heartland Directory, and others really paved the way for LaGwana to be what it is today. We aim to keep improving everything we do, and promoting your business is first on the list. How can we help you get your name out there? Stop in and we’ll show you.

The Hometown Treasure

The People’s Exchange

Our team is top notch.

The publications department at LaGwana works hard each week preparing one of the most highly circulated publications in our region. The People’s Exchange reaches over 15,000 people in over 25 counties two times per month. Chances are good that you’re visiting our website because you saw an ad in one of our periodicals. Thanks for proving that local advertising still works!

On January 5, 2018 we acquired “The Heartbeat,” a full color, bi-monthly wholesale catalog that serves the plain communities’ country store trade. It is mailed to 1,400 country stores in the US and Canada. Another publication added to our family! Check out the next issue at the end of January.

Promoting your business is what we do every day. We are your biggest fan, because we succeed when you succeed.

We care about you.

Even though we strive hard to stay up to date on current technology and design trends, our perspective has remained the same since the beginning. We aim to serve the needs of our local customers first. Because outstanding customer service is the highest priority at LaGwana, our clients are the most important people in the room at all times.

People you can trust.

Let us help you get the word out. From small advertisements to full blown media blitzes, we have you covered. When you call LaGwana, you’ll speak to a local person who will guide you through the process with ease. Contact us today!